Raxco PerfectDisk Professional Business 14.0 Build 893 Pre-Activated [LATEST]

Raxco PerfectDisk is a program for defragmenting a hard disk. Optimizes the swap file, the MFT table, and the physical location of files and directories on the hard disk. In order to start defragmenting any disk, you need to select the drive itself and press the start button. At the work the program shows a changing graphic table in which in real time process of a defragmentation is displayed. Data in this table is displayed in the form of multi-colored squares, the color decoding of which can be viewed in the main window of PerfectDisk

Key features:
• There is official certification from Microsoft
• Support for large
capacity drives • SMARTPlacement technology for optimization of defragmentation strategy
• Space Restoration technology for optimizing free space in as large blocks as possible
• Built-in scheduler for automation of operations
• Patent-pending Resource Savert technology for increasing
• Define work restrictions and advanced automation
• Ability to work from the command line with a similar graphical interface capabilities
• Work together with the version for Microsoft Exchange and automatic defragmentation in various modes
• Automatic update of components via the Internet


How To Install:

  1. Lucky You, Its Pre-Activated 🙂
  2. Just Open Setup.



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