BlockSite V1.1 [LATEST]

Block Sites On PC


Is A Small Utility For Making You Stay focused and improve productivity. This Program Is Devloped Using AutoIT,KODA GUI.
You Can Block Any Site In A Single Click.

How To Use:

  1. Open Given Application.
  2. Type Site You Want To Block For Ex: “” & Click Block.
  3. Now Clear Your Browser Cache & Restart Browser. That’s All.
  4. Site Is Blocked & Will Not Open On Any Browser.

How To Unblock:

  1. Unblocking Is Obviously A Little Bit Difficult.
  2. Enter Site You Wish To Unblock, Press Unblock.
  3. Now Solve A Math Problem, Enter Your Ans.
  4. Correct Ans Will Unblock The Site.








Created By PMDev

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