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Right Click Enhancer Professional License Key

Right Click Enhancer – a set of useful utilities for Explorer. Allows you to add the most frequently used applications, commands, folders and files to the context menu. Thus, you can open any application directly while viewing files. It is also possible to add submenus and additionally organize shortcuts.The application includes seven utilities that allow you to expand the capabilities of the context menu of Windows Explorer. All utilities are easy to set up and use.

1) Using the Right Click Tweaker, you can add new useful commands to the context menu that move an object, copy the path to it to the clipboard, check for integrity or create lists of files in a folder.
2) File Type Editor to change file type and application associations. Including editing and deleting existing ones and creating new ones with assigning necessary icons and arguments.
3) Send To Manager allows you to add or delete items (program or folder) in the “Send” system menu.
4) Right Click Editor IE allows you to remove and add new items to the context menu of the Internet Explorer browser.
5) New Menu Editor allows you to edit the “Create” menu.
6) Smart Renamer is used for group file renaming (by tags, attributes, mask).
7) SmartSFV is used to check the integrity of files.

Tweaker can save about 100 hours of work by expanding common tasks, such as moving and copying a file, including copying the contents of a file without opening it, renaming files, and many others. Also includes many features that are not available to users directly – adds MSCONFIG (system configuration tool) and Problem Steps Recorder.

When installing a new application, some of them add their options to the context menu. This provides a quick transition to the requested functions, but at the same time, the more options, the more space is occupied by the context menu on the screen itself, turning into a sheet. With the help of the editor you can clean the menu, leaving only the most necessary requests.

Features of the application:
• Add useful tweaks.
• Create new files with predefined content.
• Save time.
• Export files and registry keys that can be used on another PC.
• You can add command line options.
• Does not affect PC performance.


Right Click Enhancer Professional Keygen




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