AOMEI Partition Assistant 8.0 Retail All Editions With Keygen

AOMEI Partition Assistant 8.0 All Editions Crack

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Crack is a powerful program for working with a hard disk, administering partitions for PCs and workstations. AOMEI Partition Assistant 8.0 Retail Full Version The program will answer questions such as: “How to resize a partition or merge partitions without losing data? How to increase computer performance? “. The program allows you to manage partitions of the hard drive, like Partition Magic, but more powerful, with improved functionality and compatibility.

Main features:

  • The ability to extend the NTFS system partition without rebooting the computer to maximize computer performance and minimize downtime;
  • Merge adjacent partitions into one large without losing data, or merge unallocated space into a partition;
  • Separation of one large partition into two or more sections;
  • Create as many partitions as you need, without using free disk space;
  • Copy partitions for Windows system migration or when backing up important data;
  • Cloning a hard disk helps when it is updated;
  • Quick distribution of free space from one partition to another for full utilization of disk space.



Resize/Move Partition: Change partition size without losing data
Extend Partition Wizard: Extend NTFS partition without restarting computer
Allocate Free Space: Move free space from one partition to another


Merge Partitions: Merge two adjacent partitions into one
Split Partition: Split a big partition into two small one


Create Partition: Make a new partition to store various data
Delete Partition: Delete unnecessary and useless partition
Format Partition: Change file system and empty all data


System Migration: Migrate system to solid-state drive (SSD)
Copy Disk: Clone a disk from one to another
Copy Partition: Clone a partition to other location


Dynamic to Basic Disk Conversion: Convert dynamic disk to basic without losing data
MBR and GPT Conversion: Convert between MBR disk and GPT disk without loss of data
NTFS and FAT32 Conversion: Convert NTFS to FAT32 partition with no data loss and vice versa
Primary and Logical Conversion: Convert between primary partition and logical partition safely


Bootable Media
Create Bootable Disc: Create Windows PE bootable media without having to install AIK/WAIK
Windows To Go Creator: Install Windows 10/8 to a USB flash drive or a removable disk


Utilities – Frequently Used
Quick Partition
Partition Alignment
Partition Recovery
Wipe Disk/Partition
Change Drive Letter
Hide/Unhide Partition
Bad Sector Check


Utilities – Other Useful
Command Line Partitioning
Check Partition
Make as Active Partition
Rebuild MBR
Initialize Disk
Change Serial Number
Change Partition Type ID

AOMEI Partition Assistant 8.0 All Editions


How to Install:

Register Program With Generated Key.

to change the edition:

delete the file “cfg.ini” from install folder
Register again with new generated key







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