Ashampoo Photo Optimizer With Patch

The secret of the new Ashampoo  Photo Optimizer Crack lies in its amazing optimization technology. Each image is carefully analyzed to identify potential deficiencies. Dim colors, incorrect settings of exposure or temperature of colors – advanced algorithms of Photo Optimizer will find everything! For the first time, now the white balance and contrast stretch settings are automatically adjusted! After analysis, the program breathes new life into your images with superb sharpness and bright colors – just like it should be in a good photo. Try Photo Optimizer and let your photos shine again!

Developed in collaboration with our customers. The
new version of Photo Optimizer is not just an ordinary image editor. It was developed by 5,000 people! And the goal: to create a program that improves the image, regardless of the conditions under which it is received. When developing, we asked our clients to evaluate the quality of many pairs of images. Then we modified our optimization algorithm based on this data, since 5.000 cannot be wrong!

Great photos in just one click
Automatic image optimization saves a lot of time. Select one or more images, click “Auto Optimization”, sit back and wait for the program to do the rest. You will have impressive images in just a few seconds. Nothing could be simpler and faster!

Convenient batch processing
Save time and optimize multiple photos at once. No matter – from different sources or from one giant folder, Photo Optimizer carefully analyzes each image and improves it. Achieve brilliant results without the need to view and process each image separately!

White balance and contrast stretching at your service!
White balance is the basis of color temperature, especially in digital photography, where cameras have the ability to add a bluish tint, which makes photos cool. Low contrast images often found in digital photography can be enhanced by stretching the contrast. Both functions are added to the automatic optimization function and are automatically performed to enhance your photos!

Enhancements for natural portraits
The faces are the focus of many photos, but often they do not go the way we would like! Photo Optimizer removes red eyes and whitens teeth, both automatically and based on your settings for a perfect smile. A handy tool for removing stains and cloning, which is ideal for getting rid of minor defects. Create perfect and natural portraits in just a few clicks!

Convenient export options
Excellent photos to be seen. Naturally, Photo Optimizer supports sending images by email or through the free portal Ashampoo® Web, so you can share your nuggets with others. You can also set the most beautiful photos as a desktop background or print them with a rich set of functions.

12 functions for creative people and perfectionism
If automatic optimization does not suit you, 12 special tools can do it. Sharpness and softening of images, noise removal. Or add artistry using wave, funnel or implosion effects. Photo Optimizer – your creative platform.

Enter more colors into the game!
Images should not suffer from dull colors. Highly effective color correction allows you to add your own style or use the classic realistic look. Several sliders allow you to adjust the contrast, saturation, and many other parameters with ease, thanks to instant viewing. If you like to experiment with different color effects, you will like different patterns, such as nostalgic sepia or a threshold color degradation. And if you do not like what happened, you can always cancel everything with one click!

Excellent thoughtful design of the program
Interface Photo Optimizer 7 is designed to the smallest detail. From a pleasant dark theme, to the arrangement of the elements, you get used to it from the first launch. Each feature is easily accessible in no more than 2 clicks. In Photo Optimizer, you see all the features at a glance without a pile of nested menus. Everything is in its place, everything is clear and ready to present you the results instantly!

More brilliant photos, less effort!
After the most difficult phase of development in the history of our company, Ashampoo® Photo Optimizer 7 is finally ready! Automatic optimization has been completely rewritten – brought to mind with the help of 5.000 clients! Smart white balancing and highly effective contrast stretching were added to the feature set to take mediocre shots in brilliant photos! The new user interface is not only pleasant and ergonomic, but also optimal, so that each function is just two clicks away from you. Get the perfect program for perfect photos!

• Significantly improved program optimization
• Smart white balancing
• Automatic contrast stretching for best results
• Automatic image optimization
• Add a watermark from text or image
• Crop • Spin
• Align horizon
• Reflect and rotate images
• Correct colors

Enhancements for portrait shooting
• Teeth whitening
• Remove blemishes
• Clone areas
• Remove red eyes

• Overlay images
• Embossing
• Distortion: shear waves and curling
• dimming
• blue shift
• Sigmentirovanie
• Overexposure
• Posterization
• Outline
• noise: adding noise, a median filter, reducing noise and pixelization
• Inve colors tirovanie
• Grayscale
• Sepia
• Image Aging
• Sharpness
• Blur
• Median Filter
• Contouring
• Noise Removal

• Pleasant ergonomic user interface
• Logical and intuitive program structure
• Extremely simple program management and control
• Batch processing
• Time saving with multi-core systems

How to Install :

  1. Install Given Setup.
  2. Now Copy Given Patch to Installation Directory.
  3. Run & Apply
  4. done 🙂





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