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DivX Plus Pro is a codec collection (DivX, H.264, AAC and MKV). Among other things, the package includes a free DivX H.264 Decoder for hardware acceleration using DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration), which makes it possible to watch high-definition video, almost without fear of excessive processor usage. Simply put, now, with the use of more complex and resource-intensive compression methods, a better compressed file with better quality is obtained, but it requires less CPU resources – concerns are shifted to a video chip and even a low-power system (for example, a netbook) will be able to reproduce it without any problems.

Package contents:

  • DivX Plus ConverterIn addition to high-quality output of DivX (AVI, DIVX) and DivX Plus ® (H.264 video in MKV container) video, for PC and DivX Certified ® devices, the converter now has conversion to MP4 format, for good playback on iPhone, IPad and beyond. and with hardware-accelerated video *, provides high performance encoding, which does not overload your processor and does not drain the battery. Designed for quick and easy conversion of most popular video formats, the web converter also allows you to adjust encoding parameters (resolution, file size and bitrate), merge several videos into one file, create game tricks for smooth rewinding, and add up to several subtitles and sound tracks. Added support for MPG, TS, VOB and SVCD files with MPEG-2 / DVD plugin.
  • DivX Plus Player.Provides the best playback of movies, television shows and popular web video formats (AVI, DIVX, MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV). With advanced features (multiple subtitles, sound tracks, smooth and fast rewinding), fast transfer to DivX Certified® devices and new data transfer to DLNA-compatible devices, the DivX To Go® player is the only tool needed to play high-quality HD videos from your collection on a computer, or around the house.





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