FxSound Enhancer 13.025 With Patch [LATEST]

With DFX, you can turn your computer’s sound into a richly designed stereo music listening environment. It is integrated with System with New Version of Program and every sound coming out of your system becomes nice with DFX.

The quickest way to use DFX is just to open the DFX with standard settings. You will be impressed when you see how clear your voice is. If you do not want to change the settings according to your own music.


This effect allows the voice to be muffled using data compression algorithms. Thus, the missing frequency harmonies are reconstructed. Harmonic restoration is performed using patent-pending technology that carefully encodes high frequencies and places them in place of missing hormones during the coding process.

This effect adds a deep and rich bass to your music files. DFX is carefully reconstructing the low frequency harmonics. DFX does this without pushing the physical boundaries of your speakers, adding extra load on them, and increasing power consumption. HyperBass really enhances the bass performance of any music system.

Dynamic Boost
This effect allows you to double the volume without disturbing the quality of your voices.

This effect meets the need for stereo sound, which is lacking in built-in speakers or weak music systems.

3D Surround Sound
This is the most important feature that is not in the demo version. It adds an amazing depth to your sounds. The 3D Surround feature puts you in your music if you can guess it. 3D Surround expands and enriches 2-speaker systems or small PC speaker systems. This effect is also fully compatible with Surround Sound systems.



FxSound Enhancer Patch



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