K-Lite Codec Pack 14.7.0 Mega / Full / Standard / Basic + Update

K-Lite Codec Pack is the most popular free package of codecs, DirectShow filters and tools associated with them. It features no conflicts between codecs, ease of installation and use. Allows you to view and listen to all popular and a large number of rare video and audio formats.

The main advantages of the K-Lite Codec Pack:

  • Internal compatibility of components. The K-Lite distribution is always tested for compatibility by specialists. When self-installing codecs, it is easy to come to the situation “Codec hell” (“Hell codecs”), since many filters do not get along with each other. To eliminate conflicts, you need to look for the cause of “evil” and remove special components with the help of special utilities.
  • Good compatibility with Windows. In addition to the aforementioned absence of conflicts, the package is easy to completely remove from the system without a trace. When installing, K-Lite checks the presence of other codecs in the system and suggests using them when installing among other options. Also at the installation stage, a search for faulty codecs is performed and it is proposed to fix them.
  • Flexible customization. Available for download 5 variants of the package with different configurations, also offers 3 installation modes and profiles. For each multimedia format, you can select the appropriate decoder from the available options, by default K-Lite selects the most optimal one. For users of Windows 7 and 8, there is a special utility Preferred Filter Tweaker for Windows 7 and 8 for configuring preferred codecs to bypass the OS.
  • Regular updates. The user does not need to follow the update of each audio or video codec or other components: K-Lite always contains the latest versions.

Package version comparison:

  • Basic contains all the basic codecs for playing media resources on a PC. This is the easiest and simplest package, with the help of which you will be able to watch / listen to music and movies when using any player convenient for you. There are DirectShow audio / video decoding filters (LAV Audio and Video), DirectShow source and subtitle filters (LAV Splitter and VSFilter), Codec Tweak Tool, and Icaros ThumbnailProvider and Icaros PropertyHandler extensions.
  • Standard also includes the Media Player Classic HomeCinema player, the DVD MPEG-2 decoder (opens up more possibilities when playing DVDs), the MediaInfo Lite utility, which displays detailed information about the media file.
  • Full compared to the standard version, this includes madVR – a high-quality renderer, a utility for diagnosing GraphStudioNext and additional DirectShow filters.
  • Mega contains ACM and VFW codecs, DirectShow filters, additional utilities. During installation, you will be offered a video player of your choice: Media Player Classic HomeCinema or Media Player Classic Regular.


Download the K-Lite Codec Pack 14.7.0 Mega / Full / Standard / Basic + Update: 

Basic (15 MB) | Standard (38 MB) | Full (44 MB) | Mega (54 MB)

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