Kerish Doctor 2019 4.70 Full Version

Kerish Doctor 2019 4.70 Crack

Kerish Doctor Full Version Crack is a complete solution for real-time computer health care, cleaning digital “junk”, improving performance, kerish doctor 2018 license key protecting against threats and vulnerabilities, as well as taking full control of your Windows system.

• Work in real time without user intervention. The program works on the principle of “set and forget”, producing high-quality computer care in real time 24 hours 7 days a week without user intervention. Of course, there is also the possibility of manual operation.
• Impeccable reliability and safety at work. Kerish Doctor 2018 contains the most advanced and intelligent diagnostic algorithms. Unlike most programs of this class, which are trying to find more “errors”, Kerish Doctor 2018 does not remove the excess and does not harm the system.
• Unique error detection and cleanup technologies. Kerish Doctor 2018 contains many unique technologies that are absent from programs of this class.
This makes Kerish Doctor 2018 the most promising and promising in its class.
• Regular updating of the kernel and algorithms. Our specialists regularly improve the efficiency of the program. Kerish Doctor 2018 almost daily updates the algorithms for correcting errors and cleaning a computer from digital “garbage” when accessing the Internet.
• A full range of tools for working with Windows. The application contains a complete set of utilities required for experienced users to work with the operating system. Working with startup, installed software, system services, recovery points and other operations are available in a few clicks.
• Modern intuitive interface. Kerish Doctor 2018 has a convenient and beautiful interface. Interact with the program can easily both beginners and experienced users.

Changes in version:
• Added “Equipment Monitor”, which monitors the state of PC devices
• Added “Scheduler Optimization” based on cloud data
• Added “Memory Optimization” with automatic background optimization of free memory
• Added “Task Scheduler”
tool • Added “Open” tool ports ”
• New tool” installed Software “with a reputation based on cloud data
• New tool” browser Extensions, “with a reputation based on cloud data
• Upgraded tools” launched nnye processes “: the ability to save work programs (automatic restart)
• Upgraded tools” Verifying the installed software “: the ability to download applications distributions
• The Network Activity tool has been upgraded, the ability to view UDP connections
• Improved error correction: a new category “Domain Map” has been
added • Protection against unwanted and malicious extensions of web browsers has been added.
• The program recommends uninstalling software marked by many users as unwanted
• Added protection of web browsers from changing labels and settings
• Added protection from changing DNS servers
• Added ability to clear Windows update cache
• Added ability to clear previous Windows installations
• Highlights new and recent detected objects in lists
• Improved display of detected problems in the diagnostics list
• Improved integration into the context menu of Windows
• Added new problems fixed by technology to prevent failures
• Added new recommendations
• Added new tweaks for Windows 10
• Added Bulgarian and Azerbaijani languages
• Improved application stability
• Fixed bugs and added many small improvements
How to Install :
1. Follow Given ReadMe File.
2. Enjoy 🙂





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