Macabacus for Microsoft Office 8.11.0 With Crack

macabacus for microsoft office crack

Macabacus Crack for Microsoft Office – productivity add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The most comprehensive and high-quality set of Microsoft. Performance improvements for business and finance, as well as other professionals.

More efficient building of financial models and presentations
• 80% + time savings for routine tasks
• Modeling tools
• Advanced formula analysis
• Chart tools
• Dozens of shortcut keys
• Reliable connection with Excel
• Content / Agenda automation
• General content and template libraries
• Easy search and move
• Optimization
• Deployment
• Extensive customization


How To Install :

1. Install.

2. Create a worksheet and open it, load Macabacus at least for once, then quit when you get account / activation dialog. Click cancel and quit worksheet.

3. Modify the hosts with the following:

4. I used offline in my case, you can block the above line to stay safe and prevent calling home.

5. Merge the supplied reg entry.

6. Account / activation nag will be gone. Trial days in about tab will get stuck at “0” and it will always stay there without any expiration.





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