Macabacus for Microsoft Office 8.11.0 With Crack

macabacus for microsoft office crack

Macabacus Crack for Microsoft Office – productivity add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint and Word. The most comprehensive and high-quality set of Microsoft. Performance improvements for business and finance, as well as other professionals.

More efficient building of financial models and presentations
• 80% + time savings for routine tasks
• Modeling tools
• Advanced formula analysis
• Chart tools
• Dozens of shortcut keys
• Reliable connection with Excel
• Content / Agenda automation
• General content and template libraries
• Easy search and move
• Optimization
• Deployment
• Extensive customization


How To Install :

1. Install.

2. Create a worksheet and open it, load Macabacus at least for once, then quit when you get account / activation dialog. Click cancel and quit worksheet.

3. Modify the hosts with the following:

4. I used offline in my case, you can block the above line to stay safe and prevent calling home.

5. Merge the supplied reg entry.

6. Account / activation nag will be gone. Trial days in about tab will get stuck at “0” and it will always stay there without any expiration.





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6 Responses

  1. Alfredo Salazar says:

    Sorry, can you please explain better how to install Macabacus, specific about the crack? Thanks a lot

    • DeLtA says:

      I Don’t Use This Software Myself But Cracking Process is Simple.
      Follow these Instructions :
      1. Install Macabacus 2010,2013,2016 any one according to the Ms office you have.
      2. Now After Installation Open Macabacus,It Will Give you Activation windows Close it.[IMP!]
      3. Now Edit your Host File & Add This Line to It :
      4. Finally open “reg” folder & Install .reg File According to your macabacus installation(for ex. 2010 reg if you have office 2010 installed).
      5. Done 🙂

      • Alfredo Salazar says:

        Greetings and many thanks for your support. Now I do know that it is to modify the host file and how it is done. My question now is whether that file is left like this or at some point it is restored or re-edited? Is there a problem or danger by modifying or editing the host file?
        Thank you again.

        • DeLtA says:

          After You Edited Host. It Will Keep your Edited Content. Not Going to get restored. you need to remove those line manually.
          and About Danger. No There is no Danger in Modifying Host File, Host File Is Just Used to Block Domain.
          For Example Putting “” in your host file will block all connection to Domain “”.

  2. Emrys says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing, but it seems impossible to download files from the links provided.

    I cannot click anywhere in the webpage, and it seems spam everywhere.

    Can you please gave me some hints on how to get the file downloaded?

    Many thanks!

    • DeLtA says:

      Hi Emrys,
      I know How Frustrating It is to Download From these sites.
      But That’s the only way to pay for server & Domain Cost.
      SEE This GIF(For How to Download)
      In Future We will Have Our Own File Storage Without Any Captcha Or PopAds.

      Best Regards 🙂

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