MAGIX Video Pro X10 Full Version + Crack

MAGIX Video Pro X10 Crack

MAGIX Video Pro X Crack is an ideal software product for fast and high-quality video processing. Our powerful modern software product contains a large number of innovative and unique features that will satisfy the demands of both simple amateur videos and ambitious professionals.

• Significant excellence in video editing
• Import XDCAM files
• Record video from various sources, such as video camera, TV tuner, webcam, screen recording and others
• Import and export all popular video, audio and image formats
• Support MAGIX Movie Edit Pro project files
• Support for external audio and video plug-ins
• Flexible user interface
• Adjustable basic setup
• Customizable keyboard shortcuts
• video hardware acceleration
• image Stabilization
• Integrated first MAGIX 3D module to create stunning 3D text animations
• Powerful header editor
• Ability to time stretching
• 3-way color correction
• Real-time audio mixer
• Dolby® Digital 5.1 sound
• Synchronization with external devices
• Ability to write to Blu-ray discs
• Batch processing
• Save to mobile formats
• Export finished video to a large number of video formats

Highlights features: 
• Support for professional formats: ProRes, AVC-Intra and others
• Proxy editing: No jumps and delays when working with 4K material
• Primary and secondary color correction on three levels
• Multi-camera editing on 9 tracks simultaneously
• Full support for action camcorders
• Work with sound as Surround Sound
• Hardware decoding of HD and UHD material (H.264, H.265)
• NewBlue Looks: Highly professional color filters

New features:

transfer Transfer the developed view of the records to other records. The selected colors and shades will be automatically applied to the new material.

360-degree panoramic editing
Video Pro X allows you to fully work with the recordings made on panoramic cameras.

4K / Fragment Animation
Use all the reserves of 4K material to treat low resolution footage at your discretion.

NewBlue Looks
• Video Colors: By changing colors and lighting levels you can achieve the perfect result.
• Color Fixer Pro: Professional tool to adjust colors, saturation and brightness.
• Gradient colors: Numerous filters will help you to significantly increase the saturation of colors.
• Searchlight: With the help of the searchlight effect, you can additionally illuminate any area.
• Glow Pro: You can “soften” the light by setting the lights in the right places.

Advanced functions of working with lighting 
Detailed adjustment of colors and shades using gradation curves makes it possible to precisely set the brightness on the basis of RGB channels.

Modern text templates
More than 250 new text templates after a full graphical design have not only an attractive design, but also a modified, well-thought-out structure.

OpenFX support OpenFX
modules can be directly imported from the Media Container and used as video effects.

Decoding HEVC / H.265
Video Pro X is the first program in the world that supports HEVC / H.265 (the highest possible hardware acceleration).

ProRes support
The new version fully supports Apple ProRes video codecs.

MAGIX Video Pro X10 Crack

How To Install :

  1. Follow Given ReadMe File.
  2. Enjoy 🙂





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