MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit [PRECRACKED][LATEST]

Anti-Exploit is an application developed by Malwarebytes, the maker of successful security programs, to provide internet security for your computers. First of all, as it is not an anti-virus application, you should use this as well as applying a standard virus against old and known viruses like Trojan.

Anti-Exploit is effective against attacks known as zero-day attacks. I can explain the zero-day attack as an attack of viruses that are not known before and that are not new to any known detection system.

Anti-Exploit is an application that can protect your computer against this attack. With its free version, it has the ability to protect Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers and Java and its plugins. If you upgrade to the premium version, you can also protect programs like Microsoft Office programs and PDF readers.

I can say that having a very small file has a user-friendly interface. If you care about your safety, I think it’s definitely a program that needs to be downloaded and tested.


How To Install:

  1. Just Install Thats It.
  2. Its Pre-cracked.



MAEP_V1.11.1.48 bY – 2.1 MB

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