Mozilla Firefox Quantum 57.0.4 Final [X64][X32] [OFFLINE] [ULTRA COMPRESSED]

Mozilla Firefox has been one of the most preferred web browsers in our country for many years. It seems that this popularity will not be lost for a long time thanks to the clean and clear interface that the browser has, the ability to open web sites very quickly, and plugin support. It is obvious that Firefox has succeeded in creating a mass of users connected to it, even though there are strong alternatives in the market.

From the smartly organized favorites list to the hidden window, to surfing the internet without leaving a trace, you have many options to use. Mozilla Firefox, the first web browser to offer tabbed internet browsing at the same time as it went on the market, has become an innovative and facilitating solution for those who want to surf the Internet. Firefox, which can help web developers and programmers thanks to advanced features like Firebug support as well as standard users, has a share in getting top quality web sites.

One of the fastest web browsers, Firefox is able to avoid annoying situations such as ad slots and windows, and has an active protection shield against threat-containing files. So you can see that the files you download from suspicious websites are threatened by the warnings you receive before they are opened. The file download manager is also arranged to prevent you from needing other file download programs.

With the theme support that the program has, you can also use the themes created by third party developers so you can get the look of Firefox you want. In addition, customization options to be synchronized between different computers, such as frequently used passwords, forms, such as filling a lot of information that can be actively used in all your devices allows.

Noteworthy is the development of JAvascript and HTML5 support in the latest versions of Firefox, which do not suffer from any crashes or slowness.

Firefox Highlights:

Editable Tabs
Groupable Tabs
Sync with Firefox Sync
Firefox Button
Improved Security
Crumb Protection
3D Web





Mozilla Firefox 57.0.4 Final bY – 56.8 MB

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    Thank you for this admin. tomorrow ill download all the new precracked. i will go to internet shop.

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    Literally this site is defination of awesomeness

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    You Are Legend

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    • DeLtA says:

      Hello ANGELO,

      I guess By Win X You Mean Win XP Here. According to Mozilla
      This Browser Will Not Work on WIN XP.

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