Phase One Capture One Pro Full Version

 Phase One Capture One Pro

Phase One Capture One Pro Crack is one of the most powerful professional digital photo converter in RAW format with support for a wide range of modern cameras. The program allows you to convert files into full-size TIFF (RGB / CMYK) and JPG formats on one go and batch mode, correct white balance, efficiently process overexposed and under-exposed images, fine-tune the sharpness of the image and eliminate color noise.

Capture One Pro Full allows you to use several options for adjusting the same image. The original RAW is used as the template, and not the result of previous adjustments. The work area is divided into several areas. Their number equals the number of processing options for the original digital negative. The white balance setting is performed using color temperature and tint controls. In addition, there is a choice of subject programs, traditional for many cameras. You can also use the pipette. The photo indicates a neutral gray point, from which the white balance is built.

The program allows you to optimize the dynamic range. If the photo contains too dark or light areas, then they can be shown by restoring shadows and highlights. You can turn on and off the illumination of the exposed areas of the image and shadows. The noise in the photographs is eliminated in two directions. You can suppress the graininess and color of the noise. Capture One Pro has always been distinguished from its competitors by a unique algorithm for sharpening images. Photos converted to this RAW-converter, look a little sharper than the competition.

Capture one pro created by the principle of all-in-one, reducing the need for post-processing images, which in practice means the need to use Photoshop for image processing. Simple tools, simple menus and clear notation make the complex process of processing RAW files simple, intuitive and easy.

• Import photos with a preview.
• Batch processing of images with pre-specified settings.
• Simultaneous conversion of one RAW file into several formats.
• Correct support for ICC color profiles.
• Correction of chromatic aberrations, distortion, vignetting and other optical image defects.
• Fine-tune color and white balance with a circle.
• A separate panel for setting skin tones, with the ability to save presets.
• The possibility of separate toning globally or on control points directly on the photo through the color editor.
• Support for the most popular DSLR and digital backs from Phase One.
• Direct capture of images from cameras when connected via cable or Wi-Fi.
• Overlay function for composition and design.
• Multi-monitor support

 Phase One Capture One Pro Full Version

Phase One Capture One Pro Full Version

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