PIDKey Lite 1.63.2

PIDKey Lite

The PIDKey Lite  program is designed to view, update and save key information for M $ products in the database.

It allows you to replace PIDKey by Ratiborus, Ultimate PID Checker by janek2012 and VAMT. The PIDKey Lite program is the successor of PIDKey and took the best ideas from it. The main feature of the program is the creation of a SQL database in contrast to PIDKey, where the database was actually stored in text files. The program allows you to add new keys in two modes (modes of adding keys will be described below) and check them, find the necessary keys in the database, update information about them and (or) move them to locked ones.

To determine the number of available MAK key activations, the Internet is required. The program does not require installation and is completely portable. The key database already contains GVLK keys, undefined and blocked keys from trusted sources.





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