RADIO Player Pro Full Version

 RADIO Player Pro 2. Crack

RADIO Player Pro Crack is a multi functional program focused on the use in the field of broadcasting or for the purpose of sounding sales areas and events.

Functions of the program:
• playback on one or several sound cards;
• work with an external signal source (line-in, microphone);
• retransmission of the main radio station (satellite, Internet stream);
• release of playlists both in exact time and in accordance with the start of the relay station block;
• built-in detector DTMF tags;
• “Reserve” mode when the signal of the relayed station disappears (alternative source, Internet stream);
• playing sound file formats that are supported by the installed DirectShow codecs in the system;
• flattening files using user-defined settings for a group of files or for a specific file;
• programming playback playlists six priorities;
• programming playback of playlists on different days of the week and dates;
• system for automatic detection of silence at the end and beginning of files;
• waveform display during playback;
• visual fade editor;
• processing the sound of its broadcast and retransmission using DSP plug-ins;
• quick start jingles from the keyboard;
• programming autojingle for automatic insertion into the air;
• keeping archive of lost and not played files;
• mini-database of files for storing personal file settings;
• the ability to integrate with RADIO Base Pro for uploading personal file settings;
• export of information on the current file to a file or to a Shoutcast server;
• HTTP server for status monitoring;
• sending messages about important events to Email;
• access restriction for users;
• flexible settings that allow the user to customize the playback depending on his needs.

How to Install :

Install Given Setup.





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