RollBack Rx Pro 11.1 Build 2704030551 + Crack

rollback rx professional crack

RollBack Rx Professional 11 Crack – “time machine” for your PC, a powerful solution for backup and recovery of the system. rollback rx 11 keygen The program allows you to easily restore computers running Windows to the previous stable state in seconds. rollback rx professional crack The dynamic method of the program allows, if necessary, to restore the system to any previous state in the time it takes to restart the computer.

Main features rollback rx professional full:
• Restore to previous restore points in a few seconds;
• Return to other system snapshots from a few minutes to several months;
• Minimal impact on system resources;
• Support for an unlimited number of system snapshots;
• Creating a complete system snapshot without the need to reboot the system;
• Instant rollback changes;
• Ability to solve problems when installing programs and system updates;
• Restore an infected machine;
• Compatible with VMWare and virtual machines, both as guest and host systems;
• Supports multiboot, multi-OS machines;
• Lock pictures to prevent automated deletion;
• Intuitive interface of the image manager;
• View and return files and folders from any recovery image. Just drag them to the active system;
• Roll back changes to any available system snapshot;
• Ability to test any software and 100 percent removal;
• Ability to recover files from a damaged computer, even when Windows does not boot;
• Access control – management of administrative privileges of several users
• Task Scheduler allows you to create snapshots of the system on a schedule, when running certain files (for example, setup.exe) or manually;
• 256-bit image encryption using the AES algorithm. Prevent unauthorized access to data in case of device theft;
• Group Policy Management and Administration for the corporate network;
• Support for hidden mode – the ability to hide the RollBack Rx Professional icon in the system tray and the launch screen;
• Change the hot key to access the console;
• Built-in snapshot defragmentation tool that optimizes system resources and frees up free space;
• The option to save changes to files during recovery;
• Advanced setup setup for system administrators;
• Extended registration of program events;
• Support for enterprise standards for deploying installations, including hidden installations and advanced settings.

rollback rx professional 11 crack

How To Install:

  1. Read Given Instructions.txt
  2. Enjoy 🙂





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