StartIsBack ++ 2.8.2 (Pre-Activated) [LATEST]

StartIsBack ++ Crack returns in Windows 10 a full-featured start button for the Start menu, the same as in Windows 7. StartIsBack significantly improves the usability of the desktop and makes the new screen orderly, most convenient.

Features of the program:

  • The menu, button and settings are exactly the same as in Windows 7.
  • The session with Windows will always start from the desktop. Unlike other solutions, StartIsBack opens the desktop without delays and blinking of the Metro interface.
  • Restores the main menu from Windows 7 with all the usual functions: search, drag and drop icons, fixed and recently used applications.
  • Allows you to resolve the dilemma of two interfaces in Windows 10, clearly dividing them.
  • Work programs will be on the desktop, and a new Start screen will show only applications from the Windows store.
  • You can turn the “Start” screen into “Applications” and you will not need to manage both at once.
  • Integrates into the system and does not install additional services or programs.
  • Installation does not require additional utilities and can be performed without administrative privileges. The main menu is completely localized to the system language, with the same names as in Windows 7.
  • Allows you to customize the display and behavior of the Start menu and Windows 10 interface: skins, button image, active screen corners and much more.



How To Install:

  1. Install Given Setup.
  2. That’s All 🙂

Changes in version:

Version ++2.8.2 23 February 2019

  • Fix light and dark mode issues
  • Reboot now honors “Use my sign-in info to <..> reopen apps after <..> restart” option


StartIsBack ++ 2.8.2[Patched]:



Additional Start Buttons:




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  1. Ros Joshua Recto says:

    So yea i tried using this.. and it worked fine for me.

    Thanks for this..

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