Symantec Ghost BootCD

Symantec Ghost BootCD

WinPE 1809 based boot image

Norton Ghost includes advanced backup and data recovery capabilities for personal computers. You can create an exact copy of your hard drive (you do not need to restart your computer), including transferring it to another hard drive, while Norton Ghost supports the transfer of not only the operating system, but also installations of individual applications. It supports fast data recovery, scheduling automatic backup, copying backup data to CD, DVD, network drives and external devices with USB or FireWire interface, creating a rescue disk for quick system recovery after a failure, and much more.


Main technologies:

  • Creates full system and file backups
  • Allows you to restore the system after a failure
  • Saves recovery points in external repositories
  • Integration with Symantec ThreatCon


  • Backup of the entire system (disk image) – creates a backup of all data on a hard disk or in a partition.
  • Backup files and folders – instead of the entire disk for backup, you can select individual files and folders.
  • Backup to FTP – creates restore points on the FTP server for simplified backup management in external storage. New
  • External backups – creates backup copies of files on NAS devices. New
  • Integration with Symantec ThreatCon – runs incremental backups when ThreatCon threat level reaches a specified level. The perfect solution for computers without anti-virus protection. New
  • Incremental and differential backup — save only modified files.
  • LightsOut Restore – system recovery using internal recovery environment – without a bootable CD.
  • Remote Management – allows you to manage other instances of Norton Ghost (version 12.0 or higher) on the local network.
  • Improved compression and encryption – save memory and ensure the security of confidential documents.


Symantec Ghost BootCD





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