USB Secure 2.1.7 With KEYGEN

USB Secure 2.1.7 Pro Keygen

USB Secure is a small and simple program for setting a password to access your USB flash drive, SSD disk, external drive and indeed any memory card. This is necessary to protect important and confidential information that can be stored on your media so that it is not accidentally or intentionally used for personal gain.

USB Secure Keygen

USB Secure does not have Russian localization, but is very easy to use and implemented in an intuitive interface. The program is installed on removable media (administrator rights are not needed). When you first start you need to come up with a good password that will be difficult to crack, but which you can remember.

You can block the opening as the entire medium as a whole, or select individual folders and files at your discretion. Now, no user without a password can open / edit / copy / delete your password-protected data. If the need to control access to information on the disk disappears, then it is very easy to remove all restrictions in one click of the mouse.

USB Secure features:
• Password protect your USB drives;
• Protect external drives.
• One-click protection
• Stand-alone portable application
• Plug and play support
• Protection against careless use
• Quick and easy to use tool





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