Wise Folder Hider Pro With Crack

wise folder hider pro crack

Wise Folder Hider Pro – hide files and folders on local or removable drives. Files will be safely hidden according to an advanced encryption algorithm. wise folder hider pro onhax You will be able to protect them with a password so that hidden data will be visible and accessible only after its introduction. This data will not be available for other programs and operating systems, which will make them reliably protected. Compared to other folder hiding programs, Wise Folder Hider Pro is the most secure and convenient way to change protected files. Moreover, the program has an intuitive interface that will help even a novice to work with it easily.

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Thanks to its speed and convenience, you can easily hide your chosen files and folders from prying eyes. Other users do not even guess about the presence of encrypted files on the drive, which will prevent their further hacking or copying. Hidden data will also be protected from intentional or accidental uninstallation.

Wise Folder Hider, unlike other programs that can offer you a large number of ways to hide information, offers you the most effective of all. All your files may become completely invisible to outsiders. Any computer users simply won’t even think that there are any hidden files here, they just won’t know about it, the files will be completely invisible to everyone. In addition, Wise Folder Hider will prevent accidental or intentional deletion of files, let’s say you know that there is a file in a specific folder, delete the folder, and the file will still be accessible, so you cannot even get rid of it.


How To Install:

  1. Read Given Patch to Activate Program.
  2. Enjoy 🙂





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